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Bailout or Sellout

Hi folks, Here is a plan created by an average citizen, my husband. Please take the time to read it and feel free to pass it on to all you know. Maybe it will make the rounds and sink into those so called highly education/trained financial minds in Congress.
Bailout or Sellout?
> By Bruce C. Davison
> January 24, 2009
> The financial “solutions” put forth by the United
> States Congress immediately prior to the United States
> Presidential election left a large portion of the electorate
> in a state of both astonishment and shock. They were
> astonished by the magnitude of the “crisis” that
> suddenly appeared on the national news. President Bush
> immediately pushed the “crisis” as a catastrophe
> of immense proportions. It was so bad, it required the
> “rush to judgement” mind set not seen since President
> Roosevelt pressed Congress for a “Declaration of War” on
> December 8, 1941.
> Bush didn’t get the results he wanted right away.
> Within a couple of the weeks he did get the biggest
> “bailout” the Congress could cobble together.
> Unfortunately the plan called for massive unbridled spending
> and virtually no plan for how or when the money would be
> returned to the people (i.e. reduce the National Debt).
> Bush’s Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Paulson, saw his
> chance to reward his friends in the Banking Community with
> an initial gift of $350 Billion of the taxpayers’ money!
> (But wait there’s more, there’s another $350 Billion as
> soon as we can pry it loose from the Congress!).


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Our U.S. Constitution


May Our Flag Still Wave!

May Our Flag Still Wave!

Isn’t our flag beautiful?  When ever I see her I think of our freedom.  When I think of our freedom I think of our Constitution.  Have you read it recently? At all?   It is quite a document; very special.  Some say it is living.  No, I don’t think so.  To say it is living is to say it is changeable, growing with the times.  This is what some want you to think.  Our Founding Fathers did allow for some change but only by utilizing the proper channels – via process of an amendment. Otherwise, you have men constantly making changes to benefit a few not the majority.  It is like changing the rules to a sport, say, baseball.  Following along with me:

Team “A” has two strikes against it.  Joe on Team “A” is up to bat.  He misses the first ball, the second ball and the third ball.  An out is called.  But, no, Joe said that the rules were changed and now you can have four strikes before you are out.  Team “B” replies, “When did we vote on that?”  Team “B” finds that a elite group known as the “Judges” made the decision to usurp the existing rules and lay a few down themselves. After all, they have the power and they know what is good for others they say.  However, the Judges forgot that they have a ruler over them.  You have heard of “checks and balances”?  Well, in this case, that would be Congress.  It seems that a large majority of people (We the people) relay on Congress to perform their job.  It is their responsibility to intervene when power is out of control and “Judges” make law instead of interpret law.

Are you getting the picture?  You must visit D.J. Connolly site (click on his name under Blogrolls to your right) and read his story- Thanks D.J.

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