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Seeing Through The Lenses

I love the Internet.  I enjoy blogging and making lenses on Squidoo.  I am working on several lenses and have completed five so far.  I hope to turn my love of blogging into some type of business.  I am looking at all options, and welcome any ideas. 

Topics that interest me are people, our children (this generation), the economy, the lack of our political representative working for us in Congress.  I am not sure who to vote for this time as I am not happy with any of the candidates.

I have a granddaughter who is growing up too fast.  I am concern about how she will be educated, what will be forced on her as a young child via the school system.  With inflation and the way things are going in the economy, I am concerned if my son will be able to afford a private school, if he see that this is the best course.  I am concerned about the attacks that are being brought upon “home schooling” and hope people will speak out in the defense of moms and dads who want to home school.

What do you think?



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